[[t]kʌ̱stəmri, AM -meri[/t]]
1) ADJ: oft it v-link ADJ to-inf Customary is used to describe things that people usually do in a particular society or in particular circumstances. [FORMAL]

It is customary to offer a drink or a snack to guests...

At Christmas it was customary for the children to perform bits of poetry...

They interrupted the customary one minute's silence with jeers and shouts.

Derived words:
customarily [[t]kʌ̱stəmrəli, AM -e͟ərɪli[/t]] ADV

Marriages in medieval Europe were customarily arranged by the families.

2) ADJ: ADJ n Customary is used to describe something that a particular person usually does or has.

The king carried himself with his customary elegance...

Yvonne took her customary seat behind her desk.


English dictionary. 2008.


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